BiphedAdrene Reviews: Whom to Trust

diet-pills-weight-loss-300x172BiphedAdrene is a pill that is made for the purpose of weight loss. It has constantly been criticized for its supposedly fake claims of weight loss. But if the constant surge in its demand is any indication, then it means that it might actually provide results. Let us look at both the sides and their opinions.

Negative Reviews

The major point that this side has is that BiphedAdrene has been graded ‘F’ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which rates business based on their quality and reliability. The major reason behind this lowest grade can be attributed to the following reasons provided by BBB:

a)   375x321_prescription_weight_loss_drugs_ref_guide It is believed that the company producing BiphedAdrene (Generix Laboratories) has no creditable background information.

b)    It is to be taken in to notice that the advertisements of this pill have found to be baseless

Also, when asked to provide their information crediting BiphedAdrene’s claims to weight loss, the company was not able to provide any. This means that there is something fishy about the actual working of these pills.

Also, since the pill does not mention all the details and the quantities in which the ingredients of the pill have been used, many people are reluctant towards it as unless all the details are provided to people for analysis. This reluctance is valid to some extent considering that doctors’ advice that no medicinal drug should be administered without medical approval as they could seriously depreciate one’s health.

Positive Reviews

The people who worry that BiphedAdrene might cost them a whopping $135 even when it provides no results could actually opt for other options like purchasing smaller sets of the medication which would cost them only $75 for 60 pills. This means that you can test whether it is helping your cause or not. If it does seem to be working (which it does in most cases), you can then invest more and purchase monthly sets. Also, it is believed that BiphedAdrene can produce real results but they might vary from individual to individual and also on the diet followed and the amount of exercising one does. This is clearly mentioned on the pill as well and it is very obvious that you cannot expect to lose all that extra fat just by sitting around watching TV and eating junk. You have to make a little effort and then BiphedAdrene can enhance the results.

Also the pill contains the warning that it should not be administered to pregnant women and if people still take it then it is clearly people’s fault. But overall, BiphedAdrene is a very strong pill with ingredients that have been proven to burn fat and suppress appetite. You might be surprised but there are consumer reviews of this pill and people who have used it and seen results have said that it can be so effective that it will help you lose about 4.5 pounds in just 8 days. So, rather than trusting positive or negative reviews, if you wish to lose weight, just try it for a bit and realize the gains or harm yourself.

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2 Responses to “BiphedAdrene Reviews: Whom to Trust”

  • isizzy:

    So I saw this product in a magazine and I loved what it said but the price was kinda high…I paid 140 at the gnc store, but I can honestly say this product has worked great for me it did suppress my hunger big time abd I have tons of energy and in 1 week I lost 6 pounds…the only thing I dont like is it made me feel jittery so I only take it once a day and it made me want to throw up same reason I went down to take the next once a day.. overall for me its working, I saw some reviews of not working for some plp but I guess it varys from plp to plp

  • Shay Presley:

    So I started byphed, I did not exrcise with it and I started off eating good and I lost weight 1 pound per day HOWEVER! the days I skipped the pills I gain the weight right back BUT for some reason when I didnt take the pills I ate CRAZY!! I mean my body was starving, i would eat more than what i would eat before i started taking the pills. I wasnt jittery at all I took 2 everyday which is really 4 cause you have to take 2 at a time. They were effective they made me lose weight which is what i wanted but I did not practice the right fodd and exercise program. another thing it said take 15 minutes before eating to help supress hunger DID NOT WORK I think i lost weight because I peed and Pooped it all out. I mean i woul d pee 10 times at work and 2 poops a day come one thats alot of liquid I did drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day so maybe that too. But I could not sleep with these pills i usually went to bed at like 10 but i was going to bed at like 2 and 3am. which also con tributed to my late night snacking. So would i reccommend yes if you have the effort to diet and execrise.

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